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42315 by compyx

Sat, 07 May 2022 18:46:50 +0200

Gtk3: Refactor menu item/hotkeys code a lot (WIP)

Ditch setting up hotkeys by using the menu item definition tables, the menu
structures are now built without setting any hotkeys; hotkey parsing and setting
accelerators is now deferred to ui_init_finalize().
Remove all special iterators over "vice menu items" and their Gtk counterparts,
a table with references to both types of items, hotkeys and signal handler iDs
is now kept as the central storage for all hotkey manipulation.
Some preliminary support for different hotkeys for x128's VICII and VDC windows
is provided but far from finished: currently the menu structures and their
hotkeys are the same for both x128's windows.
More hacking is required to remove all hotkey modifier/keysym members from the
menu item definitions and more functions must be altered to use the new
menu item references table and not the old structs directly.

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